Are You Guilty of These Bad Driving Habits?

We are all guilty of bad driving habits, but some are not only dangerous, they may get you in trouble with the law. Below are a few driving habits to quit if you don't want a ticket.

  • Driving over the speed limit. Speeding is something we're all probably guilty of at some point. If you're running late we think it'll help us get there faster. 
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Categories: Tries 2017 Ford Fusion on for Size

Might you be in the market for a midsize sedan? Well, if so, we here at Honolulu Ford believe you'll find a great deal to appreciate about ours, the 2017 Fusion.

"Like what?" you wonder.

Receive the need-to-know info from Managing Editor Jodi Lai; her critique of the Fusion is as follows:

While every Fusion engine option has its appeal, we're admittedly very impressed by the mid-level iteration, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder.

Offered with the SE -- and standard on the Titanium and Platinum -- the four-cylinder couples with a six-speed automatic transmission to ...

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Brake inspections are always important

Don't wait to get your brakes services if you experience any of the following warning signs:

1. The front of the vehicle tends to bounce or dip when you hit the brakes suddenly. 2. There will be leaking brake fluid around the tire wheel well or in the driveway. 3. If yo lit your entire drive.


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Visit us here at Honolulu Ford so one of our brake specialists can check or repair any issue with your vehicle's braking system right away.

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Enjoy High-Octane Performance with the 2017 Ford Mustang

To say that we here at Honolulu Ford are impressed by the 2017 Mustang would be an understatement of the greatest degree. More accurately, we're wholly infatuated with this slick sports car.

And if you're at all wondering why we feel as we do, we invite you watch the clip below.

Ride out with carwow reviewer Mat Watson, as he highlights some of the Mustang's most salient qualities:

Chock-full of fantastic features, the base V6 model is bound to make a compelling bid for your business.

Standard equipment on this trim includes 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic xenon…

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The Ford Focus makes driving fun again

We only get one go at life, which is why striving to make every aspect of it fun is something we can totally get behind here at Honolulu Ford. The 2017 Ford Focus puts more fun into your daily driving experience, not to mention safety and convenience.

How exciting is it to know your vehicle can parallel park itself for you? The Ford Focus can do all of that and then some. T

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Ford Provides Custom Style and Function

Ford has started to custom-make splash guards for each of their models. They make sure the fit is perfect so that no debris, which will deteriorate your vehicle, starts to build up. Keeping your vehicle protected is important, which is why Ford is doing everything it can to provide you with the necessary accessories.

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Regular oil changes make your car last and we can help


You already know that getting your car serviced regularly can keep it running like new for a long time. Maintenance appointments such as tire rotations and oil changes can go a long way towards stretching your car investment dollars.

At Honolulu Ford we want to make this as easy as possible for our customers with an expert maintenance staff and lifetime oil change program.


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