Ford Edge: The People-Pleasing SUV

The Ford Edge is widely recognized as a vehicle that fills many needs for a wide range of people; doing so very well. However, the truly amazing accomplishment of the Ford Edge is the design.

The styling and layout of the Ford Edge, though it is bold and cutting edge, is also classically refined. Some of the styling features, such as the panoramic glass roof, are luxurious and family friendly at the same time. The aggressive forward sloped stance sends a clear message that the Edge is a sports SUV, but it also allows for ample leg room and cargo space for the rear passengers. Other features, like the throaty dual exhaust and swept hatchback styling make the Edge truly attractive. This allure is prevalent both inside and out, with spacious and practical, yet opulently styled interior. Heated and cooled front row seating is implemented with European styled perforated panels that are both chic and functional.

The Ford Edge has a unique ability to be everything for everyone. Come see how well the Ford Edge suits you by visiting Honolulu Ford.




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