The Ford Super Duty Is the Pinnacle of Truck Design

The Ford Super Duty pickup truck is the best heavy-duty truck in its class to own. Fully redesigned in 2018, the Ford Super Duty has even more power and strength in areas where it already excelled. A lighter weight and stronger build translate to an incredible amount of payload and towing abilities, and you will never feel wanting when behind the wheel.

Part of the reason for the outstanding toughness of the Ford Super Duty is its military-grade, high-strength aluminum alloy used throughout the truck body, the only full-size truck in its class to do so. This build is dent-resistant, rust-resistant and stronger than ever before. The Ford Super Duty also utilizes a solid front axle on all 4x4 models, which configuration provides all the strength required for aftermarket upfits like snowplows.

The Ford Super Duty is a favorite at Honolulu Ford, and we love to share our enthusiasm with all our customers. The Ford Super Duty has earned its crown.



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