How Smart Is The Ford F-150?

Modern-day vehicles are some of the most advanced automobiles of all-time. Pickup trucks aren't an exception to the rule. The Ford F-150 personifies the true meaning of what a modern-day pickup should be. This mid-size pickup has plenty of power, stunning good-looks and copious amounts of capability. Let's see what Ford has brought to the table when it comes to smart technologies.

The Ford F-150 has a lot to offer on this subject. Thanks to Alexa technology, the driver can communicate with the vehicle without ever lifting a finger. This voice-control feature allows you to adjust the sound of the audio, search for apps and find shopping venues in your area. Ford SYNC 3 APPLINK with Waze is a technology that allows you to communicate with other users/drivers while trying to find the best routes. Outsmarting traffic detours is the name of the game. This vehicle also offers ambient-interior lighting.

Our Ford F-150 models host these features and many more. For more information, just stop by our location. Test drives are also on the menu for interested buyers.



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