Purchasing a used vehicle becomes the preferred choice for many wishing to save money. Even among the ultra-thrifty, concerns about quality exist. Someone in the market for a pre-owned market doesn't want a lemon. Ford makes sure buyers get a good deal on a used vehicle thanks to its certified pre-owned car program.

Two top features from the program are the comprehensive limited warranty and powertrain limited warranty coverage. Essentially, these warranties cover costs associated with parts listed on the contract. Terms and conditions apply. Inquire with a dealer about the specifics.

Also beneficial to would-be consumers is the 172-point inspection. The inspection seeks to keep mechanically-troubled vehicles from landing on a buyer's lap. Mechanics and technicians look over the vehicle's interior, exterior, under the hood, and more. Vehicles undergo a road test and diagnostic.

Want to see how certified pre-owned Ford vehicle handles on the roads? At Honolulu Ford, we can accommodate that request.



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