Ford Explorer, An SUV That Excels In Comfort and Handling

Handling, comfort and stability control aren’t the usual characteristics associated with a mid-size SUV. However, these are the three categories in which the Ford Explorer excels. The Ford Explorer is Ford’s flagship SUV not only for its best in class engine performance and towing capabilities, but because it’s one of the smoothest, comfiest and safest SUVs on the road.

When Ford designed the Explorer, safety was their top priority. For this reason, they equipped it with a system called AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control. This system uses two gyroscopic sensors which monitor yaw and roll rates. This helps the driver maintain control and prevent wheel slip, understeer, oversteer, and rollovers. AdvanceTrac also helps with off-road and weather conditions such as snow, ice, gravel or rain. The system has another built-in feature called Curve Control. This feature helps slow down the vehicle when it’s approaching a curve at too fast of a speed.

SUVs aren’t usually synonymous with handling and Ford set out to change that with the Explorer. The SUV makes use of front and rear independent suspensions which improve handling and comfort while driving. It can comfortably seat seven passengers thanks to three-row seating and Multicontour front seats with Active Motion.

Living in Honolulu, the Explorer will make a great daily driver. Come down to Honolulu Ford and take one for a spin today.



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