We at Honolulu Ford want to ensure that you have the most capable SUV on the lot as your personal vehicle. The Ford Escape is one of our most popular offerings because of its array of features. The model is affordable with base model pricing lower than $25,000, and it has high ratings on popular consumer sites such as US News and Cars.com. We feel that this model will be a perfect match for you if you're looking for an all-around high performance and convenience SUV. Ford Escape Capability Features

The Escape is more than capable of instilling a feeling of safety and comfort in you while you drive around in Honolulu. The model has features such as FordPass Connect to help keep you connected to your Escape even when you aren't in it. It has 4G LTE Wi-Fi in case you or your passengers need to stay connected to people or projects on the road. The safety features include Ford CoPilot 360, which is a comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features to ensure that your trip goes well.


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