Ford Mustang Performance Features

Ford has changed up a few more things in the Mustang that have been welcomed by brand fanatics as well as new drivers of the sports car. The Mustang Shelby GT is the highest trim available, and with a V8 engine, you can see why. This thing puts out over 500 horsepower, allowing you to take on any road. The handling is also at its finest with new suspension systems that really make it seem like you are driving a dream.

The V8 is the top of the Mustang class. You can truly feel the power of this engine with…
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Design A Ford Fiesta Your Way

Everyone loves to have choices in life. Now, the Ford Fiesta is a subcompact car that gives you even more choices than before. From the entry-level S model to the luxury Titanium, this car lets you design it just the way you want.

he Fiesta ST hatchback offers some unique trim and options for the interior. These include race inspired RECARO seats and a choice of 10 different spectacular colors. You also have a choice of 10 different interior materials and color combinations too. You can also choose race car inspired aluminum pedals and a chrome-tipped exhaust...

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Technology Features That Come With the New Ford Explorer

If you are currently in the market for a new three-row SUV, it might be time to consider the popular Ford Explorer before looking anywhere else.

The Ford Explorer is going to help increase safety on the highway when you activate the adaptive cruise control. Once you select the desired speed, the cruise feature scans the roads ahead for any vehicle moving slower than your speed. If something is detected, the brakes slow down the vehicle automatically until clear, when the speed resumes again.

The Ford Explorer also have the enhanced active park assist feature too.
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Ford Edge: The People-Pleasing SUV

The Ford Edge is widely recognized as a vehicle that fills many needs for a wide range of people; doing so very well. However, the truly amazing accomplishment of the Ford Edge is the design.

The styling and layout of the Ford Edge, though it is bold and cutting edge, is also classically refined. Some of the styling features, such as the panoramic glass roof, are luxurious and family friendly at the same time. The aggressive forward sloped stance sends a clear message that the Edge is a sports SUV, but it also allows for ample leg room and cargo…
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Ford EcoSport Technology Features

When you are driving around Honolulu, you are likely seeing more and more people driving the Ford EcoSport. That's because the car is becoming one of the more popular compact SUVs on the market. The reasons for this aren't a huge secret. This particular car comes packed with all the technological advances you could ever want.

First of all, there is the 8-inch touchscreen that allows you to quickly and easily listen to your favorite podcast or music if you have connected to your smartphone. SYNC 3, which comes loaded in the EcoSport also has Apple CarPlay so…
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The All-Powerful Capability Features of the Ford Transit Connect

If you're looking for a van with maximum capability, consider the Ford Transit Connect. This popular cargo van and passenger wagon is designed to carry cargo, transport passengers, and tow heavy loads. Whether you're looking for a spacious family vehicle or a van to pull your trailer, this Ford vehicle can do it all.

The Ford Transit Connect has an excellent towing capacity for its class. When equipped with the trailer two prep package, these vans can tow up to 2,000 pounds. Drivers can drive safe with additional towing features, like the trailer sway control and the…
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Ford Focus Electric's Exceptional Technology Maintains Practicality

The popular 2018 Ford Focus Electric offers much more than any other vehicle in its class. Ford has optimized the performance of the Focus in ways that leave other electric vehicles in the shadows.

For instance, the SmartGauge with EcoGuide instrument cluster was designed as a standard feature to allow a driver to customize the LCD display. You have real-time driving metrics, which helps with establishing your driving habits in order to maximize the efficiency of the Focus Electric. The instrument cluster includes an energy history screen, and a brake coach screen, which gives a snapshot 


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Ford Focus: Stylish Design at an Affordable Price

The best part about buying a Ford Focus is that you do not have to break the bank to find a vehicle that is stylish. Ford promises to deliver compact models that appeal to everyone. Whether you are looking for a sporty model, or a more conservative sedan, you can find a Ford Focus to meet your needs.

If you want something sporty, you might want to try the ST or limited-edition RS models. These models feature sporty grills and spoilers that help improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. These features help the car hug the curbs and cling to…

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The Ford Taurus Bowls Over The Competition

What does the modern car owner want out of their vehicle? They want fuel efficiency so that they aren’t having to take a second mortgage out on their home just to fill up the tank, and enough storage space available so that the whole family can ride in comfort. That is why our team at Honolulu Ford, located right here in Honolulu is so excited about the arrival of the brand new 2018 Ford Taurus full size sedan.

This sedan has 288 horsepower making it a force to be reckoned with on the road. It also has a sport…
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Check Out These Impressive Ford Edge Design Features

The new Ford Edge has been getting tons of attention lately. This popular SUV has a few design features guaranteed to impress.

The new Ford Edge SUV has a sporty look which includes dark headlights, front grille, rear spoiler, skid plates, and even mirror caps. Those 19-inch wheels are magnetic painted and easy to see from a distance, plus the seats are made from premium cloth with unique suede inserts.

The Edge has ambient lighting throughout the inside of this SUV. Unlike cars with single colors that shine at night, the Edge has ambient lighting in seven different colors. 
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