The new Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck is extremely popular. We along with dealerships everywhere have been getting calls about it. That's because as an electric truck it offers standout power and does so all without the use of a gas engine. There are many standout qualities, and for its towing, you can make sure your driving range is in check with this neat feature.

There's a technology called Intelligent Range. That uses sensors to detect traffic speed, temperature, battery charge, your driving style and habits, plus more and that puts the metrics into a cloud-based computer. What this does is takes data from all F-150 Lightning vehicles on the road in similar situations, and provides accurate range data. It's data that only becomes more accurate over time too. These will get updated automatically in the truck too with the over the air updates. That will put a lot of people's minds at ease about towing and feel good behind the wheel of the F-150 Lightning!

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