Monster Trucks for sale in Honolulu, HI

Custom Lifted Trucks in Honolulu, HI at Honolulu Ford

There's plenty to do from Honolulu proper to Kaneohe and Kailua, all the way out to Central O'ahu. There's no lack of places to go and sights to see. And when it comes to finding a custom pickup to take you and your cargo there and back again, look no further than the large selection on display here at our Honolulu, HI Ford dealership.

Honolulu Ford offers more than a few reasons to own a custom lifted truck for the purpose. Whether you're towing a boat to head out fishing, going camping in the outback, or just taking a trailer of supplies on a beach day trip, custom pickups make it a snap to bring equipment with you.

Ready to learn more about what Honolulu Ford can do for your search for custom lifted pickup in the Honolulu area? You're welcome to get in touch with us here on our website or with a phone call to our friendly, knowledgeable staff of lifted truck experts. And as always, you have an open invitation to our 1370 N. King St. showroom. We look forward to making your dream of stepping behind the wheel of that customized raised truck a reality!

Plus government fees and taxes and $395 dealer document processing charge.

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